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Iwao Tomimoto,

Masaharu Hori,

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of our company's foundation last year.
In the camera industry of the 20th century, our company has been a significant contribution to the history and development of the optical industry. We brought an advanced optical technology, precise photographic technology and a fine processing technology to the viewfinder. We are proud to be the best in the viewfinder business.

Now in the 21st century, our applications extend from the world of visible light to the era of ultraviolet, infrared and terahertz. Our optical technology has been sought in the fields of medical care, security, robotics, lighting, communications and automobile manufacturing. Our technology has grown as a optical technological company by young generation's power in the 21st century. We are striving toward our big dream.

We consider our management principle to be "Consistent pursuit of optical technology, and bringing happiness to all people through their work surrounding the company."

We are contributing to society through our company's development and we strive to further improve the welfare of employees.

We are very pleased to open our website in English as well as to serve overseas markets with our experience and technology.
We will provide our new overseas customers and our existing customers with satisfactory service.

We would like to thank you everyone for your understanding and patronage in the future.

Toa Optical Technologies Ltd.

Company Information

Name Toa Optical Technologies Ltd
Representatives Iwao Tomimoto, Chairman
Masaharu Hori, President
Address HQ, Factory
1180, Komiyamachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-42-644-1415 / FAX:+81-42-644-4547
Asakawa Factory (Mass-production factory)
4-8-3, Nakanokamicho, Hachioji-city, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-42-622-3070 / FAX:+81-42-634-9040
Iruma Factory (Polishing factory)
Araku, Oaza, Iruma-city, Saitama, Japan
Phone: +81-4-2936-2340 / FAX:+81-4-2936-2317
Tama Development Center
1-50-4, Kaidori, Tama-city, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-42-357-9071 / FAX:+81-42-311-5980
Osaka Office
6-5-3-311, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan
Phone: +81-6-4805-7177 / FAX: +81-6-4805-7188
Establishment April 1, 1960
Paid-in Capital 30 million Japanese Yen (Authorized capital 120 million Japanese Yen)

Quality and Environmental Control


QMS ISO9001:2008 (Since May 21, 2010)
Name of certification body JQA - Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Certification registration number JQA - QMA14141A
Scope of application Sales of optical filter (test, cut, packaging)
EMS ISO14001:2004 (Since March 16, 2015)
Name of certification body BV - Bureau Veritas
Certification registration number 3359888
Scope of supply Design, development and manufacture of optical parts and optical units (Head Office and Factory)